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Streamlined spaces. Innovative office interiors. Customised creativity. With Maars Living Walls, we’ll help you redefine your space.

As the UK’s only accredited Maars dealer, we combine our experience and expertise with the architectural innovations and office aesthetics of one of the world leaders in partition walling. So whether you want to make a head-turning statement, find a creative custom solution, or need high-tech, high-quality office partitioning, we’re perfectly placed to help you make the most of your office space.

Ingenious innovation

Leading the way in office interior innovation, Maars Living Walls traces trends in architecture, flexing to the needs of tomorrow. Working with the space you already have, Maars opens up a world of new possibilities by integrating acoustics, air, light, sound, colour and images into its office partition walls. Playing with colour, shape and materials, and using the latest soundproofing and multimedia technologies and innovative designs, we’ll redefine the way people use and interact with your space.

Above - Maars lalinea wall installation

Working with you

We start by listening carefully to your needs and take the time to understand your culture, to ensure what we design works for you. Then our professional office design team develop designs that meet your style and needs, and match colours, shapes and materials of office partition walls to integrate them within your space. So whether you’re after in-built Dolby surround sound, moveable partitions, privacy glass or even walls that increase concentration, we’ll design the perfect solution to match your office culture.

Click below to see the following Gallery pages for more information on the Maars Partition Wall systems:

lalinea - Ultra-low profile 100mm double glazed partition wall, including lineaCube

Panorama- 100mm double glazed partition wall system with very high acoustic properties

String2 - 100mm relocatable partition wall system available in multiple finishes

Glassline - Highly economical single glazed partition wall

Living Options - Innovative and functional, from fully integrated audio visual systems to walls that ‘breath’

lineaCube - A unique, self-supporting, self-contained, double flush glazed and modular 'whole room' system.

Above - Maars Panorama double glazed wall profile

Find out more about Maars Living Walls, and talk to us about making the most of your space.

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